Shattered Steel BioWare / Interplay 1996

In this Mech shooter, a post-apocalyptic planet Earth in complete ruins, is controlled by greedy, superlegal corporations who have expanded into the surrounding solar systems to strip mine them and to feed their voracious appetite for power. Strangely belligerent aliens react none too kindly to the territorial infringements of human colonists and massacre them, prompting the corporations to hire warriors with really big, noisy guns to do the dirty work. You take the role of a mercenary planet runner, pilot of a vehicle by the same name. The small models look something like a charging, fire-breathing ostridge all wrapped in aluminum foil. Your job is to fly around enemy-held areas in your corvette spacecraft, protect the life of the fragile settlers, blow up the big, bad, indiginous critters, and protect the corporation's investments. With 11 different planet runner chassis, over 25 weapons in either primary or secondary configuraitons, different kinds of power plants and shield generators to choose from, and the ability to vary power outputs to different parts of your machine on the fly, the planet runner supports a performance envelope any pilot can like. It has some nice graphics, enriching sound effects, not to mention above average background music. It is more of an action-oriented sim than MechWarrior especially the early levels are unreleting shoot-em ups but the missions become a little more interesting and absorbing as you advance through the levels.
Expansion Pack & Patch 15MB (uploaded by Patches-Scrolls)
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Level Demo ~16MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo ~434MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Interactive Preview Demo 10.7MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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