Silent Hill 3 KCET / Konami 2003

The third game in the popular survival horror series continues to create really scary atmosphere in the middle of disorienting story. This time the lead character is a teenage girl who is questioned by a detective in the mall where she works about her birth. She wants to avoid him and sneaks out but then finds the mall totally empty and a monster eating a corpse. Other areas such as an office building and sanitarium that look ordinary when visited again turn into nightmarish dark and creepy run-down scenes. When you encounter creatures, you can run like mad, distract them, or fight them off with a knife, lead pipe, shotgun, or even a katana. Players can also acquire beef jerky at various points in the game, which can be laid down on the floor in order to distract various monsters, particularly the dog-like creatures. The game also features unlockable weapons and costumes that increase replayability. The great graphics and eerie sounds all contribute to making this a great scary game for those who aren't too shocked by gory scenes.
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Level Demo 469MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo (provided by Shattered & upped by Scaryfun) 2.67GB
DVD ISO Demo 2.67GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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