Precious Star Ever-Juvenile 2015

In this free shmup made with STG Builder, you have has 6 stages waiting to be cleared with two difficulties, Normal and Hard. There are 4 ship types : 1. Red ship (F101-"R"), Button 1 - Main shot (Straight Shot), Button 2 - Secondary shot (Canon) 3-way Shotgun type shot, Button 3 - Bomb (Burst Laser); 2. Yellow ship (F105-"Y"), Button 1 - Main shot (Straight Shot), Button 2 - Secondary shot (Homing Laser), Button 3 - Bomb. Throwing a bomb and your ship will be invincible a while; 3. Green ship (F107-"G"), Button 1 - Main shot (Straight Shot), with additional function. Tap the button to switch/rotate shoot option. There are 4 options (Wide option, Straight option, Side option, and Orbit option). Each option mode will have different Secondary shot type, Button 2 - Secondary shot (Option Shot). Yo-yo type shot, the shot direction affected by the option mode; Button 3 - Bomb. Your ship become invincible and can damage the enemies; 4. Blue ship (F111-"B"), Button 1 - Main Shot (Straight Shot), Button 2 - Secondary shot (Sword Slash). Slash the sword around your ship, Button 3 : Bomb. Laser on Lv 1 & 2, Thunder on Lv 3. When used it will drain the shot power to 0. Additional button for all ships are Focus mode, you can move slow by pressing this button. All these ships really make the gameplay different. Especially with Blue ship because this is the only melee type shot and also most powerful. Scoring and Game mechanic: Each destroyed enemy will drop items. These items values depend on the time it collected, earlier collected items will gain maximum value and late collected items will gain minimum value. In other words you're literally have to point blank the enemies. Also there are multiplier for enemies destroyed, the multiplier will reset each stage or if you get hit. Using bombs will have another multiplier too (hits), it will be gone when the bombs ended. Even though Bomb stock and Shot power level has slow natural regen, the items also could be used to make the refill bar faster. Please note that at the beginning you don't have any bombs.
Free Game 92MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Free Game v0.90c ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 95MB

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