Slave Zero Accolade / Infogrames 1999

This is an enjoyable arcade type anime-inspired shooter game where you control a giant mech in third-person view through battles in a city with even bigger buildings. The tyrannical SovKhan (short for Sovereign Khan) rules the vast seven mile high Megacity S1-9 with an army of giant living robots known as Slaves - grown using cybernetic embryos and a mysterious substance known as Dark Matter. Underneath Megacity S1-9 is a system of sewage tunnels called The Suck. A rebellious group of spiritual warriors, or Guardians, have made the sewers their base of operations. Having successfully stolen a Slave unit, the Guardians choose you, Chan, to fuse your mind and body with that of the stolen Slave unit. As Chan you must command Slave Zero and save humanity. There are 15 missions with mostly 3 parts each where you attack enemy mechs and eventually a final boss. You have three basic weapons: a traditional bullet-shooting machine gun, a laser, and a rocket launcher but they can be permanently upgraded by walking over various power-ups. In addition to these weapons, you have the ability to pick up and throw certain objects, such as cars and steel girders. The levels are set up so that you must fight your way through conventional military forces, sentinel-class assault units, and other Slaves in order to reach your objectives, which range from destroying power generators to stopping the city's train ways to stealing cybernetic embryos. As you progress through the levels, power-ups, such as health, ammunition, and upgrades are made available. The game has satisfying explosions and the bosses are really good. It's worth playing.
Beta Demo ~63MB ( @
Full Demo ~111MB (upped by keropi) If you want ripped Music get TryMedia demo, install to hard drive and get from music folder.
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ISO Demo 349MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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