Gulman 3 Serzhantov Aleksandr 2013

Made from scratch, on its own cross-platform engine, this is a GTA-style third-person action game. Gulman - a fearless and brave hero - returns in the new saga of good and evil, about demons and about female beauty, captivating the mind. In the game, you can play as Gulman, and for any character you choose (and even Gulman's dog). You can play as one, and in a team with your friends. More than 50 characters (and only a few LITE-free versions). Several cities that you can cross on different means of transportation (auto, motorcycle, boat, helicopter, ... etc., and even a horse. In the initial LITE version, these options can be cut. In the initial, free version ( LITE) You will have a reckless and full of dangers online adventure online with your friends. You are waiting for a hunt for a valuable artifact, which hides a surprisingly beautiful tropical island in the ocean (multiplayer mode). You will be landed on the coast in different parts of the island far from each other, and you have to understand who your enemy is, and with whom you should unite, or be against all, to get a valuable artifact.
Free Beta v0.20 694MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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