XAP Sean Wachob 1992

Another almost unknown horizontal side-scroller (fly-box with side view), apparently of shareware-origin (the only version available at the moment includes four levels). There is no plot at all; the whole point of the game is to fly from left to right across the screen, collecting bonuses and destroying hostile robotic aliens, trying to survive and - if possible - to increase the number of points we gain. The futuristic fighter that is under our control has a certain (rather decent) "safety margin" (represented by a very colorful strip), and from one enemy shot it will not perish - that is, the game is not too complicated. The diversity of our enemies in this kingdom of technocracy is not very encouraging: these are several types of flying ships, differing in color, size and sometimes form. Much more pleased with the stylistics of the levels themselves - so, the battles take place both in space and directly on the planets - as well as bosses, the fights with which the levels come to an end. Not only that these bosses, in contrast to ordinary opponents, are truly colorful (as for you, for example, a giant yellow skull with a protruding brain, shooting missiles from the jaw and eyes?), So still and truly dangerous and strong, having the ability to fire simultaneously in a multitude of directions, so that dodging is quite problematic. Graphics, and even more so for shareware games, surprisingly good - causes a satisfied smile as the aforementioned variety of backgrounds, and the clarity with which some details of the design are displayed.
Full Demo v1.06 (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 180kb

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