Soldier Of Fortune RavenSoftware / Activision 2000

As John Mullins, supported by his buddy Hawk, you take orders of the government which the "Shop" gives. It concerns thusly the strongarm mercenary dirty work which may not be done officially by the government. The one-man killer representation in SOF loosely recalls Kingpin's efforts. Directly in the first level in the city underground, civilians (still in the intro sequence) and policemen have their heads blown away. After you intervene, also numerous opponents join the list of the dead ones. The opponents limp with a leg shot or hold their shoulder in pain depending on where you shoot them. Also friendly forces can be shot. In addition, this happens sometimes in the eagerness of combat, and will lie on the ground waiting to be tended to. The story is recounted in game film sequences and whisks the player to diverse scenes. From the underground, it goes into former Yugoslavia where despite the efforts of the UN, peace is little to be seen. Merrily whistles shells around the player. Subsequently, it goes into the eternal ice of a Russian island, later also into the mideast (Iraq) and the far east (to Japan). The missions are quite fun and but unfortunately the levels are very linear. More than one way to the goal would not have compellingly harmed the game. The degrees of difficulty permit you to master each section of the game, which nowadays a long gameplay amount is not always the case. Altogether it's a very good shooter, but apart from the hit zones and associated opponent reactions it does not offer anything else new.
Later the "Gold" version appeared with 18 new Deathmatch maps and "Platinum Edition" containing 5 new multiplayer modes, a strategy guide and other extras for fans.

See also: #Lucky Soldier [G]

Linux ISO Demo 612MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Level Demo 95MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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Platinum Edition Full Demo 390MB ( @
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
Full Demo plus Gore Enabler ~290MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Special Edition (Platinum) ISO Demo 707MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Free Community Edition 6.1 (works on Win10) 486MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
EU Clone ISO Demo 756MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Free Community Edition 6.1 (works on Win10) 486MB (uploaded by speedracer)
Free Community Edition 6.2 497MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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