Spearhead Zombie LLC / Interactive Magic Ltd. 1998

This is a tank combat simulation from the makers of iM1A2 Abrams focusing more on arcade action than simulation. The premise behind the game is that the U.S. intervenes as Libya invades Tunisia. There's a set of tutorial missions, fixed missions and a randomly generated campaign (non dynamic)mode to test your mettle in the desert behind a platoon of three tanks plus artillery and infantry. The game has both the tank-sim interface and a tactical one where you direct the actions of your forces. However the game is aimed at more arcade/action crowds. There are no interior views, so you get just the driver's and gunner's screens, there's only HEAT and SABOT rounds to choose from, and the whole "sim" aspect has been significantly simplified to put the emphasis on action. Also included are a mission editor as well as multiplayer support. The US National Guard purchased several hundred copies to use for training, and a sequel was built solely for use by the US Armed Forces.
ISO Demo 347MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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