Spec Ops: Rangers Lead The Way / Spec Ops: Ranger Assault Zombie / Ripcord Games 1998

One should come to Spec Ops knowing that one will not be able to quickly shoot everything and hope to get especially far. Indeed there are some health kits, however, if you go forward with no plan it will lead quickly to your death. One goes forward in twos and has to struggle through 16 missions and to plan. One can give to his comrade-in-arms orders, but there's also an automatic response system where they recognize and fire on enemies. The software engine with its polygon graphics is far from pretty, the 3d maps version is a little better however not completely at the height of current state-of-the-art. Altogether, still, it's a good game. Though not completely developed, it shows the potential of the genre and, therefore, came many imitators (much better) after itself.

See also: #Spec Ops MissionPack: Ranger Team Bravo

Level Demo v1.3 8MB (@Download.com) / 3DFX-only Demo 16MB ( @ AG.ru)
 1  2 
 1  2 
Full Demo ~57MB (upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 198MB (upped by Egon68)
Spec Ops Gold ISO Demo 410MB (upped by Egon68) * includes Spec Ops MissionPack: Ranger Team Bravo
Spec Ops Platinum ISO Demo 441MB (upped by Egon68) * includes Spec Ops, Spec Ops: Ranger Team Bravo, Spec Ops 2, Spec Ops 2: Operation Bravo

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