Special Operation 85: Hostage Rescue [Ir] Union of the Islamic Students 2007

Two young Iranian nuclear scientists, Saeed and his wife Maryam, are detained by US military forces while on a religious pilgrimage to Karbala, Iraq, and are sent to a prison in Israel. Bahram Nasseri, an Iranian special operations agent, is sent to Israel to save the scientists and four other Iranians. While in Israel, Nasseri also exposes an Israeli-Iranian responsible for leaking classified information about Iran's nuclear program to Western powers. The name of Nasseri's mission is "The Special Operation".
The player character, Bahram Nasseri, must kill US and Israeli soldiers and manage his Iranian-made AK-47's ammunition while pursuing the rescue objectives. Nasseri must also obtain secret information from the laptops of slain enemy combatants.
Iranian Full Demo 520MB (uploaded by BR4ZIL)

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