Splinter Cell, Tom Clancy's Ubi Soft Montreal / Ubi Soft 2003

As agent Sam Fisher you play in this very successful X-box conversion. Fisher works for an subdivision of the American NSA (Nationwide Security Agency). In 2004 the Georgian president wants to provoke the 3th World War by means of terrorist attacks. Agent Fisher, steered by the player, is sent out to thwart this. Splinter Cell consists of very well designed missions, strong realistic graphics, likeable heroes and a not too low degree of difficulty. The game's character is controlled from 3rd-person view and one can examine the hero from every side while performing all necessary actions. This facilitates a sequence of tasks in some regard, however, it also shows a realism deficit. For the players who not only want to shoot, but also think Splinter Cell is absolutely recommended. Various tools facilitate Sam's work. Thus it is possible behind closed doors to hide, before opening it and surprising an enemy and to avoid night vision and infrared devices is standard. Custom traps can be laid, and be defused also. In some levels you have to creep solely, no enemies may notice you or you will be killed. This is thereby complicated (in a dictator state) that one barely has the means and also the information (although it concerns an American commander) to construct and follow the mission purposes in Chinese or other hostile areas. This is irritating and leads to frustrating moments. Splinter Cell is still fun to me, however a first-person perspective (because of the raised realism) would have been more appealing to me rather. The behind-view does not bring clear advantages in my opinion. In the style of Thief this game would have been even better.

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Demo #2 (3 Missions) ~178MB Demo (1 Mission) ~101MB ( @ AG.ru)
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Full Demo ~299MB (upped by keropi) Patch v1.2 ~4MB (made for 3DSL by germo) Alternate Intro Addon ~31MB Patch v1.3 ~54MB (upped by Scaryfun)
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Splinter Cell Trilogy 3DVD ISO Demo + NFO/DOX ~8.29GB (uploaded by Shattered)
EU AlcoholClone 3CD ISO Demo 2.10GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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