Crazy Raiders [K] Impactrea Entertainment 1999

The fate of the world will be decided on the moon (it turns out, not so desolate): if three earthlings, endowed with mystical abilities, can overcome the hordes of creatures created by the "dark", then they will return stars to the sky. The game is an isometric arcade shooter with three characters to choose, looking very "attractive": Pan (a cyborg with a body of a flying combat robot and a head of a "western" blond with a cigar in its teeth), Maui (a levitating Buddhist monk armed with two swords, which, incidentally, will not be used in combat) and a lady with an unreadable name, who has fangs in her mouth and "pilots" a small dragon. Each of the characters has two characteristics: "power" - the rapidity of reducing the health reserve (visually displayed as a scale at the bottom of the screen) and the speed of movement. Pan is the strongest, but at the same time it moves very slowly; the lady is extremely fast, but at the same time too fragile; Maui also seems the most "balanced". The sense of the game, as you might guess, consists in destroying enemies in flight over the territory of one or another (but consistently gloomy) location, which seems to be dimensionless; Depending on the strength of the enemy after his death, there remains a small or large asterisk. Collecting such bonuses leads to a gradual filling of the red scale on the left side of the screen (and the larger the asterisk, the higher the value of the mentioned indicator); As soon as the column reaches the maximum mark - an automatic transition to the next level occurs. Four kinds of ammunition are available to the hero: all of them are similar in their essence to each other - they are energy balls, emitted from either the trunk or from some weapon, but they differ in their destructive power. In addition, the colors of these charges for numbers 2, 3 and 4 each of the heroes differ (the base one is blue for all), and the ammunition itself at the time of the start of the game (and the next stage) is inaccessible and extracted in very limited quantities. The stock of each of their types is displayed on the screen as a separate diminishing scale - this also applies to the "starting" ones, which, however, are so numerous that they can hardly end. Opponents (periodically arising in the literal sense of the word from nowhere) on each episode of their own - and, of course, visually they are performed in the best traditions of the South Korean national psychedelia. Thus, the first location is inhabited by blue monkeys, spiders, thorny vegetable balls, flying Buddhas (very large in size) and "waist-busts" of Buddhist monks; the second - some small copper statues, green turtles (?), red winged demons, armless statues of men smoking in ties, bad copies of Rodin's "Thinker"; and so on. All enemies are attacked by remote - energy balls of green color: small creatures can only throw one at a time, while a larger attack is available and queues of three at a time. In the case of physical contact with the enemy, the latter explodes, causing the protagonist considerable (and sometimes, especially if we are faced with someone big, fatal) health damage. In addition, in the world there is another kind of creature - almost non-killable red beetles marked with blue dots in the lower right corner of the radar (unlike the red dots representing foes). These creatures are not aggressive, but a collision with them leads to instantaneous death regardless of the state of health. The purpose of these beetles is to supply us with different usefulness: as soon as you see an insect - immediately open fire on it and it will start throwing out some useful bonuses, first of all - more powerful types of charges. Finally, with a concentrated fire, a powerful beetle can still be killed - and then there is a chance to get the most valuable bonus: a circle with a red "P", which not only gives some sort of charge, but also partially replenishes our health. All three heroes have the possibility of a kind of "jump" (which, probably, is one of the ways to dodge enemy attacks), but in fact, there is little use for it. Visually, it looks extremely nice: an isometric perspective and "soft" graphics with excellent and very high quality (up to small details) landscapes (different mountains, ledges, clumps of plants, lava lakes and so on).
Korean ISO Demo 85MB (uploaded by

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