Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force RavenSoftware / Activision 2000

This shooter was developed with the Quake3-Engine and uses tactical elements. On the one hand, one must play and make certain that the other team members survive, on the other hand one also has to defeat all opponents. So one must partly sneak up on them. Also puzzles are of importance, less than in System Shock or Deus Ex, but however more than, for example, in Half-Life. The characteristics of the team members are all different. Some are rather aggressive, others reserved and fearful. Many of the levels occur on the Voyager itself, which is partly damaged. Also in the dark, one fights the Borg enemy. Generally Elite Force is very varied - however short. The degree of difficulty was set quite low, so that experienced players even in the 3rd degree of difficulty should have no problems. It makes more sense here however for teamplay. The team members are not quite intelligent and have problems in following you. The different comments provide amusement and variety. There's no comparison in maturity to the thrown-together Daikatana in the first sales version. Many cutscenes in the game, keep the story and action moving along. I am absolutely no fan of the Voyager series, rather a detractor, yet Elite could inspire some Force. I would be pleased about sequels to the game in any case. If the interaction with the environment beyond switch pressing could be advanced and one can give instructions to the team members, then I would be very happy indeed (although this is naturally a matter of taste). When first released, Jeri Ryan who plays Seven of Nine wasn't available to do the voice-overs, and a sound-alike was used. Jeri's voice was added in the official v1.2 patch.

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Singleplayer Demo ~115MB Multiplayer Demo ~30MB ( @
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ISO Demo 632MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
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EU AlcoholClone ISO Demo 757MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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