Star Wars: Episode 1 - Battle for Naboo Factor 5 / Lucas Arts 2001

Take part in the Battle to save the planet Naboo, with a total of 15 land and air missions, using hovercrafts, the now famous Naboo cruiser, and all the crafts seen in the movie. Plus, cut scenes help guide the storyline, and everyones favourite music score is thrown in to add to the atmosphere of destroying the Trade Federations plans of taking over Naboo. This is a spiritual sequel to the successful Star Wars: Rogue Squadron released two years earlier but with a brand new game engine. Players control Gavyn Sykes, a Lieutenant in Naboo's Royal Security Forces. As the game progresses, Sykes and the Royal Security Forces fight the Trade Federation on Naboo or in the space immediately surrounding it. The game concludes after the player completes a mission that recreates the film's climactic assault on the Trade Federation's Droid Control Ship. The heads-up display features a health meter, a radar and an ammunition count for secondary weapons. Depending on the level, the player can control several different air, land and water vehicles. Aircraft are the Naboo Starfighter, the Naboo Bomber and Police Cruiser, while land and watercraft are the Flash and Gian speeders, the Trade Federation Gunboat and the Heavy STAP. Each vehicle offers a unique armament arrangement, as well as varying degrees of speed and maneuverability. The game initially restricts the player to a particular craft for each level; however, after the player has completed a level, he or she can replay it with any available craft that falls within its air, land or watercraft specification. Some levels offer the player the option to change craft mid-level. Seven bonus power-ups are hidden in different levels throughout the game. These bonuses improve a craft's weapons or durability and are applied to each eligible craft for the remainder of the game. The player can unlock three bonus levels: "Trade Federation Secrets", "Couruscant Encounter" and "Dark Side".
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Level Demo ~51MB ( @
ISO Demo 102MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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