War Brokers Trebuchet Entertainment LLC 2018

Early Access Release This is a first person shooter that primarily focuses on fun and tactical choices. Every player starts on an equal footing in terms of weapons. It is a players skill and tactical choices that will win the day for them. Each weapon has a unique tuning for a specific play style. Features: FPS - Fight with over 14 different weapons, all carefully tuned for a different feel and play style; Drive - Hop into your teams APC or tank and fight the enemy from an armored fortress that moves; Fly - Hop into your teams helicopter and rain down terror from the sky or transport your team to the front lines. The helicopters are the most versatile fighting vehicles in the game. Game modes: Package Retrieval - A diplomats airplane is shot out of the sky and his important papers are parachuting down. Grab the suitcase and deliver it to your drop off point. Just be aware the enemy is going to try and get those top secret files first so you need to be quick; Defuse - The enemy has planted three bombs and the timer is ticking down on them. There is no time to waste, find the bombs and get them defused before they blow up; Missile Launch - Fight to get to the missile launcher and launch the missiles while the enemy tries to stop you; Team Deathmatch - Work together with your team to get the most kills. Once the timer ends the team with the highest score will win; Survive - It is you against everyone else and all you have is a pistol. In this game mode you need to have your head on a swivel as they will be coming for you from all different angles. If you got the skills you will come out on top.
Browser-Playable Free Version (uploaded by Itch.io)

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