Steel Beasts: Gold Edition eSim Games / Strategy First, Inc. 2002

This contains a patched version of the game, 30 new missions and an improved version of the mission editor. The focus is on proven tactics used in actual battles with gameplay designed to provide an accurate simulation of tank warfare based on realistic detailing. Topography and other terrain conditions affect movement and line-of-sight from the featured Leopard 2A4 and M1A1 tanks. The Gold Edition improves multiplayer performance and includes enhancements to the debriefing phase with improved playback features and a 3D-world viewing option. Additional refinements focus on more accurate damage, physics and round modeling, loss of communications, increased effectiveness of the tank commanders position, more events and triggers, customized ammunition load outs, a modified fire control system, enhanced joystick controls with a centering hotkey, and improved weapon performance. An extensive tutorial is available to acclimatize newcomers to tank operations, and the mission editor has been significantly improved in both content and usability. Both competitive and cooperative action (including multiple players in the same tank) is offered via LAN or Internet connection, and all missions are eligible for multiplayer games.
ISO Demo 199MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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