Uler 1999
The reach of the Cthonians and their Bio-metal technology has extended further than the ISDF and Scion could have ever known. Now others who have been touched by the power of the Cthonians have come to the Sol star system. If their motives are not uncovered the entire human and Scion race will suffer the consequences. THE ULER WAR - An all new, challenging IA campaign! Explore, escort, defend, destroy, capture, infiltrate, assassinate, exterminate. A continuation of the BZ saga featuring the first completely new, alien species to the BZII storyline. Almost 2 years have passed since the ISDF/Scion War, and a relative state of peace has descended over the ISDF and Scion factions. While they now wage a new "cold war," an unknown force has entered the Sol star system on a mysterious quest. Unusual activity has been noticed on the planet Mercury. The AAN has ordered ISDF Command to investigate. Into this fiery hell, the ISDF deploys its forces. Then all hell breaks loose... An all new instant action campaign featuring: 1 entirely new species, 3 sided war, 4 new planets, 13 new instant action campaign missions, 15 new vehicles to fight with, 90 newly built and modified models, units, buildings, and scenery, 100s of modified and new odf files, and really BIG battles. A new pricing system allows for faster production. Modified unit parameters allows for more challenging enemies and player units - units move faster and attack at longer range, along with a host of other changes.
Download 66MB (uploaded by Bzscrap)

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