Dark Basic The Game Creators 2000

Unlock the powers of your imagination. Using the exceptional capabilities of DarkBASIC create your own video game, demos, slideshows, even business applications. Even if you have never coded before, you will be generating results in minutes with the help of the 3D engine and easy to use interface. Just follow the in-depth tutorials. Harness the power of Direct X and make 3D objects spring to life with just a few simple commands. Using 3D or 2D graphics you can create any style of game: first person shooters, RPG adventures, space combat, shoot'em ups, simulations, driving, beat'em ups, sports, strategy, retro, paltformers, quizes, and puzzles. Your ideas can become reality, you are only limited by your imagination. This game creation programming language provides function libraries that enable a game to be programmed with considerably less code than with a language such as C++ without such dedicated libraries. DarkBASIC consists of an IDE, debugger and interpreter, and an engine built on DirectX 7. The compiler emits Bytecode that is appended to an interpreter to create a stand-alone executable. Star Wraith is an example for a game made with it. In 2002 an updated version called DarkBASIC Professional able to use newer versions of DirectX was released. The pre-Professional version is informally referred to as DarkBASIC Classic to distinguish between the products. The last DarkBASIC version 1.21 was released on 14 August 2008. Since the introduction of DarkBASIC Professional, The Game Creators have stated that there will be no further updates to the language, although it will still be sold. In 2015 the TGC lead developer Lee Bamber decided to open up DarkBASIC Professional to the community to prevent it from becoming unsupported abandonware. The project and its source code is hosted since start of 2016 under the MIT license on github.com. Latest as freeware released binary program was Dark Basic Pro Binary 120216 which included the activation of many previously commercial modules.
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Dark Basic Pro - Open Source (uploaded by Github)
Dark Basic Pro - Free Binary 120216 18MB (uploaded by Github)

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