SubSpace / Continuum Burst Studios / Virgin Interactive Entertainment Inc., PriitK 1997

Choose from 8 ships, each with different handling and weaponry characteristics. Fly with up to 250 other players simultaneously, fighting for points, a good win/loss ratio, and the respect of your peers. Subspace is divided into "Zones" which provide different game types. You can join in on these games at any time. Some zones run "Capture the Flag" style games, others "Soccer" style, where players must compete over a ball, with their object to reach 10 goals for their team first. The most popular variant, however, is "Chaos", where literally anything goes. Kill or be killed. Offering unique multiplayer gaming based on a beautifully simple game concept, Subspace incorporates the best elements of online gaming into one package. A variety of different game styles, team or solo play, IRC-style chat, and infinite re-playability are only some of its many virtues. What started as a project to test the viability of a massive multiplayer environment with commercial backing quickly became one of the most entertaining and popular multiplayer games available. SubSpace server software being distributed with the commercial release of the game allowed users to host their own servers on their own computers, enabling them to preserve the game. A new client, titled Continuum, was created by reverse engineering without access to the original source code by the players PriitK and Mr Ekted (one of the creators of Kazaa). The original server software, heavily modified, is still the most common, although an open source alternative, A Small Subspace Server, is now available. Continuum, first released in 2001, was developed as a clone of the SubSpace client, but now contains new original features exclusive to the client over the original. Continuum is the official client of the SubSpace Central Billing Server. It was developed primarily because of the original SubSpace client's failure to prevent hacking. As such, it has been adopted by several zones as a requirement in order to play.
SubSpace Continuum - Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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