Target De Lyric Games / Hurtownia Oprogramowania USER 1998

This is a Polish developed FPS. It contains 3 characters to choose from (female sniper, sabotager and commando), some RPG elements (experience points) and uses a Build-like engine. You are a hired soldier working for everyone who can afford. For every accomplished mission you will receive both cash and experience points. You can spend these points to increase your capabilities. For cash you can buy weapons, armors, etc. You can carry only four different weapons. If you find a new better weapon you can drop one of your old weapons. It features: simulated "real-world" physics models, colored lights, fog effect, ten levels for multiplayer mode in split screen or network mode, single or multiplayer gameplay over serial connection, modem, Internet, LAN (up to 16 players). There's many enemy character types with different characteristics, 17 types of weapons (flamethrowers, rocket launchers, bombs, mines etc.), 10 multilevel missions for Single player (up to 6 levels in each mission). It has 3D moving objects as doors, elevators, etc., motorcycles, interaction with environment (breaking window panes etc.), automap, original CD soundtrack and realistic 16-bit sound effects, enhanced 3D Sound techniques to improve realism of gameplay, and new objects: binocular, sniper rifle, night vision.
Polish ISO Demo ~398MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
English Full Demo (provided by Sarrus95 & upped by Scaryfun) 27MB
English ISO Demo (provided by Sarrus95 & upped by Scaryfun) 368MB

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