Team 47 GoMan / Watchy: A Goman Adventure Coconuts Japan Ent. / 47-Tek / Software Solutions 1997

The dark planetoid Nemesis, on a collision course with Earth, was destroyed to prevent the destruction of our planet. Seemingly harmless fragments of the shattered planetoid penetrated the atmosphere and implanted themselves in the earth. Years later, the fragments surprised scientists as they grew and morphed into giant, horrible monsters bent on eradicating the human race. The United Earth Taskforce established Team 47 GOMAN, a group of giant armored robots, to combat the Children of Nemesis. From a cavity in the chest of each warrior, human pilots control their actions. The pilots are a highly skilled group of martial artists who use hand to hand combat as well as medium-distance weapons to counter the monsters' attacks. Each mech is equipped with specialized armor and weapons such as a plasma harpoon, a photon hook and laser cannons. Battles among Team 47 GOMAN mech warriors and the organic monsters of Nemesis occur in six geographic locales: the Mojave Desert; San Francisco; the Hawaiian Islands; Tokyo; Denver and New York. The player must select the appropriate characters to battle monsters such as Roggosh, the desert dweller; Kothos, the mountain dweller and Gaingris, the nightmarish all-terrain monster. The player must conquer his adversaries and move on to the next locale, meeting a different monster in each territory. He must defend the planet from the monsters while protecting the buildings, mountains and other structures that may be in the way. Props such as buildings, boulders, cars, hovercrafts and power stations can actually be picked up and tossed. The mechs stand knee deep in the forest as they stomp around, seeking their opponents.
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Level Demo 640 x 480 x 16 bit version ~6MB ( @
Full Demo ~20MB (uploaded by keropi)
ISO Demo 297MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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