US Special Forces: Team Factor 7FX / Crave Entertainment, Singularity Software 2002

This is a dull team-based game from a Czech developer with outdated-looking graphics. It lets you play on one of three teams as one of four character classes: the sniper, the machine-gun-toting soldier, the heavy-weapon specialist, and the support scout. There are 22 maps with different objectives like having to hack into computers, capture briefcases full of intelligence documents, or simply wipe out opposing teams. Though the maps have a surprising amount of variety in diverse global locales such as the Hoover Dam, Mekong Delta, and Russian steppes, including jungle, desert, and swamp areas, the game generally has simple level geometry (the buildings in many of the game's city levels aren't much more than large, simply textured rectangles), stiff character animation, and poor special effects. An arsenal of more than 50 firearms and items is available in three modes of play: arcade, realistic or custom. Unlike many team-based shooters, it pits three opposing forces (blue, red, and black) against one another in the missions. Your team has decent A.I. but the lack of sounds and music in the game also make it boring. There are no multiplayer modes either.
1 Level LAN Beta Demo (with Bots) ~78MB ( @ JeuxVideo) Spa Map Beta 1.4 ~105MB v1.5 demo Sarajevo Map ~92MB ( @ 1.6 demo Mekong Delta map ~48MB ( @
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Full Demo (upped by keropi) ~158MB
ISO Demo 422MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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