TigerShark n-Space / GT Interactive 1997

2060 A.D. The Red Menace has resurfaced. The sea boils with submarines and battlecruisers, blood and oil. The skies are dark with enemy birds. TigerShark has been deployed. A fully-loaded subfoil prototype. Forged for war. Built for speed. Dead set on destruction. Underwater. And over it. TigerShark is hungry. The feeding frenzy is about to begin. This is an above-average shooter that is better known on the Playstation console. It pits you against the entire Russian army who is intent on conquering Japan, which has been severely flooded thanks to massive earthquakes as a result of a geothermal test gone awry. Your job is to pilot a futuristic plane/submarine hybrid craft and fight the Russians above and below the charred remains of Japan, in well-designed but pixellated 3D worlds. Each of the 10 levels (including one training mission) gives you multiple ground targets that range from huge military installations to radars. Along the way, you must destroy Russia's submarines, battle cruisers, and other ships. Most of your targets are underwater, but you will need to surface to fight opponents who have the uncanny ability of being able to shoot at you from the surface. Despite pixellated graphics and strange-looking white fogs on the ground-level landscapes, Tigershark is quite fun. There are multiple views you can toggle, lots of weapons, and hundreds of enemies. The combination of underwater and surface gives the game a nice change of pace from the usual space-only or underwater-only titles, and zipping around above and below the waves is quite exciting. The game places too much emphasis on completing objectives, but there is still plenty of frenzied, nonstop combat.
Playable demo v1.31 ~3MB ( @ download.com)
PS1 Videos
Full Demo ~10Mb ( @ Juego Viejo)
ISO Demo 385MB ( upped by Egon68)
v1.31 No-CD Patch for modern o/s 1.40MB (uploaded by Tranit)

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