Tomb Raider 2 Gold: The Golden Mask Core Design / Eidos 1999

In this separate mini-adventure whose plot is completely unique, Lara Croft comes across some clues referring to a small island in the Bering Sea: a faded photograph showing an Inuit whale hunter holding what looks like an ancient Golden Mask, an old newspaper from 1945 referring to a conflict over an Alaskan gold discovery, and a secret kind of fortified military mine base. Lara is primarily interested in finding the Mask, as it is rumoured to be the famed Golden Mask of Tornarsuk - a greater spirit said to bestow powers of re-animation on the mask wearer. 5 new levels are included: The Cold War, Fool's Gold, Furnace Of the Gods, Kingdom, and Nightmare in Vegas. Nightmare in Vegas becomes however only available if the gold in the secrets of the other 4 new levels is found.
Demo (The Cold War Level) 10MB Demo (Fool's Gold Level) 9MB ( @
 1  2 
Full Demo v1.2 13MB (uploaded by
 1  2 
ISO Demo ~275MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Include in Tomb Raider 2 Gold (99) ISO Demo CD1 Tomb Raider 2 ~263MB (upped by Trey) CD2 Golden Mask ~739MB (@Internet Archive Software Collection)
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included in Tomb Raider Bundle - EU AlcoholClone 3DVD ISO Demo 17.4GB (uploaded by Shattered)
included in Tomb Raider II - ISO Demo + Patch, Scans + mirror 150MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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