Zeus: Carnage Heart Second Artdink 1999

This is a mech single player sci-fi simulation game. The game takes place in the future where conflicts are fought with hi-tech war machines. These robots are named Overkill Engines (OKEs). The player cannot directly control them in-game, but has to buy components and program their behavior for various battle conditions. You can also purchase, research, or upgrade new equipment, parts and the robots themselves in order to use them for an extended amount of time. The basic system is the same as the previous Zeus games, but it has made significant improvements such as enhancing the graphical aspect, improving operability, new aircraft and logic program. The PC version, which is very rare, had a function to exchange OKE data via Internet mail. Apart from the fact that a scenario was seemingly also added, it is a direct port of the PlayStation version.
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ISO Demo 276MB (uploaded by i1150503)
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