Torrente / Torrente: El Juego Virtual Toys, Cinemaware / Electronic Arts Espaqa, O3 Entertainment, FX Interactivate 2001

This Spanish game is based on a local 1998 hit film. It recreates well-known places in Madrid, Marbella and Seville. You are a fascist, sexist, racist, drunk, and dirty dishonored cop who must complete missions like locating bombs, disabling a sniper in a commercial area, escorting a limousine, releasing kidnapped tourists and locating a mobster. You have an assortment of 14 weapons from knife to flamethrower. You have more or less free rein of the entire city during each of the game's roughly 60 missions, but that's where the GTA analogy ends. The cities aren't particularly complex, lacking the interesting nooks and alleys of the GTA universe. You also can't drive any vehicles. This has decent graphics and throws some humor into the missions as well with camera control for 3rd or 1st person.
Update: Wow, this was now released in North America in December of 2004 after good success in Europe. This version included Torrente Online with 4 multiplayer modes. It was an extra in the game version distributed by FX Interactivate. There are several game modes, like 'individual deadmatch' (all against all), 'team deadmatch' (teams red or yellow), the classic game mode 'capture the flag', in that two teams compete for managing a major number of flags in a certain time and the novel 'destroy the target', in which a team acts of attacker and must place and make to exploit a bomb, which in turn the defending team must deactivate. All this ambiented in 25 different stages at big level of detail and wealth of coloring. The player has to his disposition 30 personages to choose and 13 different weapons.
Spanish Online v1.1 99MB ( @ Softonic)
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2004 English ISO Demo 376MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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