Tribes 2 Dynamix / Sierra 2001

This is a continuation to the first complete internet war game from 1999. It has better and improved graphics joined by weather effects and also numerous planes can be chosen. The old weapons have been mostly modified and also three new ones are added. Also, single player training levels are implemented. There are the following game modes available: Rabbit: theres only one flag and whoever gets it will be hunted by everyone. Capture and Hold: kind of domination. A place is conquered and must be defended for as long as possible. The winner are the ones who defend the place for the longest time. Capture The Flag: Carrying the opponent's flag into your own district. Siege: like Assault in Unreal Tournament. You have to overwhelm the opponent base to fulfill your mission and defeat the defending troops. Deathmatch: Everyone against each other. Bounty: similar to deathmatch but you're only allowed to hunt someone specific who has a bounty on them. Killing the wrong person causes a loss in score. The victim is hunted as long as needed and only then it's allowed to hunt the next one. Flag Hunters: Everybody is carrying a flag. If someone gets killed, it can be picked up by the opponent. The flag of the opponent needs to be brought to a central place to get points for it.
On Sep. 25, 2002 an update was released that added significant new content to the game - two original game types: Team Rabbit 2 (TR2) - is an online sport with jetpacks in which two teams of two to six players compete for possession of a single flag, and Tribes 2 Classic which adds speed and intensity, a new game variant called "Defend and Destroy", and 24 new maps. As well, 10 "classic" Tribes 1 maps were re-mastered and improved for Tribes 2, and the update addresses numerous lingering performance issues. On Oct 30/2015, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tribes franchise, Hi-Rez Studios released the whole series as freeware.
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Level Demo ~83MB ( @
Free Full Version + Online Patch ~540MB ( @ TribesNext)
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Full Demo ~186MB Intro ~11MB Music ~19MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Fan-Made Maps
Free Game 539MB (uploaded by Tribes Next)
UK AlcoholClone ISO Demo 711MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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