Browning Elk Hunter ValuSoft 1999

Learn the insiders tricks of successful elk hunting... It's almost like being there. Feel your heart race and your knees get weak as you hear the call of that huge trophy bull. Use the call just right. Get him to step out of the trees, call to stop him and... The rest is up to you. Are you good enough to meet the challenge? Hunt the majestic elk in some of the most beautiful and rugged country in North America. Hunt with a rifle, a muzzleloader or a bow, its your choice. Be patient. Wait for the trophy bulls. Learn to call them in close for a good shot. Identify the trophy animals and earn more Bucks, (Browning Bucks), so you can earn enough money to go hunting again. As you earn Bucks you can buy additional equipment, restock your ammunition supply and buy accessories such as binoculars. With enough Bucks you can even pay the fees to hunt in the trophy areas where the limits are liberal and the elk are plentiful. Be sure to obey the regulations or you will get fined and even end up in jail. You will run out of Bucks and gave to start over. Features: Exceptional graphics - Actual photographs of some of the most rugged and beautiful elk hunting country in North America; Four realistic high resolution locations - Maple Mountain, Quakie Slope, Bottom Bend, Mountain High; Tools of the the trade - Browning Rifles, Browning Bows, Ammo and Arrows, Muzzleloaders, Binoculars, Permits, Calls.
ISO Demo 39MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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