Gal*Gun 2: Doki Doki VR Mode Inti Creates Co. Ltd. / PQube Limited 2018

All the cutie pies, angels, and demons you could ever hope for are here right before your eyes. Gal*Gunners around the world have made their voices heard, and now, the long-awaited "Doki Doki VR Mode" is here. Every aspect of Gal*Gun 2 has been fine-tuned to run in VR. From shooting stages and Rendezvous Mode to Doki Doki Mode and everything in-between, it's the complete Gal*Gun 2 experience in VR. Interact with your favorite characters anytime you like, from any distance you like, and from any angle. Get in close and you might just get a hug...or a slap in the face. You may even be able to see...well, ya know. Is your body ready to enjoy the world of Gal*Gun in virtual reality?
Download: None currently available

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