Urban Assault TerraTools / Microsoft Games 1998

This is a futuristic combo of real-time strategy and FPS action game. The game is set after a nuclear holocaust and alien occupation. Most surviving humans have cybernetic implants. You play the leader of the human rebellion whose implants allow him to control what's left of earth's defenses. The game consists of a series of challenging missions as you try to defeat the invaders and unite humanity. Resource management plays an important part, you accumulate energy in order to build units that allow you to continue the war. The hub of the game is a world map and you use this to access missions. Missions are played on detailed maps rendered in 3D. Experience a variety of heart-pounding action gameplay by piloting up to 15 different types of vehicles from tanks, helicopters, jets, to jeeps, bombers or satellites, each with their own specific weaponry. Jump into ANY vehicle at any time to feel the intensity of the battlefield's frontline. Battle going poorly in one vehicle, then switch to another at any time. Incredible diversity of combat and tactics with six competing factions and 50 different vehicle ranging from tanks, helicopters, jets, bombers, satellites, jeeps, to bionic aliens, or retro WWII vehicles like biplanes or zeppelins. Foreboding environments with hide n' seek cityscapes and varied open battlefields bring original and challenging combat conditions (more than 100 destructible diverse buildings). A non-linear level tree with 40+ levels brings multiple paths to victory for a better replay value. The game is challenging and boasts good design and innovative gameplay. The graphics and audio are good. As well as the single-player game there is a multi-player option for games via LAN or on-line for up to eight people.

See also: Metropolis Dawn

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Level Demo *levels not in retail version ~13MB (uploaded by JeuxVideoPC)
Full Demo ~27Mb ( @ Fajnegry)
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ISO Demo 372MB (upped by Egon68)
Clone ISO Demo 431MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Prototype Demos (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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