Urban Chaos Mucky Foot Productions / Eidos Interactive 1999

This is a fun update of classic arcade side-scrolling beat-em-up games in modern 3rd-person 3d action. You play first as a rookie female cop Darci Stern who frequently spars with a group of street thugs named the Wildcats, who start getting involved in increasingly dangerous criminal activities; kidnappings, bombings – unusual behaviour even for street thugs. She meets a mysterious vigilante named Roper who gives her clues to aid her investigation of the Wildcats and offers warnings that they are more dangerous than they appear and that they are getting more organized, stronger and have plans to take over Union City. The second part starts with a mysterious and brutal murder pointing to the mastermind behind the Wildcats. He threatens the city with missiles and even black magic. You have about 12 missions with various side quests available too if you choose in a beautifully rendered near-future city threatened by criminal gangs. You must fight many enemies in hand-to-hand combat and also with weapons you may pick up, and there are also vehicles to operate. This has a nice fighting system and is worth playing.
Level Demo 25MB ( @ Download.com)
Full Demo ~129MB (upped by keropi) Movies Addon ~93MB (ripped by dead-meat uploaded by keropi)
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ISO Demo ~519MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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