Urban Mercenary Moshpit Entertainment 2000

This used the Quake 1 engine, and allowed players to compete in a first person shooter game for money with the winner taking the loser's money. Each player had 9 different weapons at all times, there were no powerups or extra weapons to be found, just kill opponents to win the game and the money. When you frag someone they generate a coin and leave it on the floor where they die - this coin doesn't come out of their pocket - it gets created when they die - the person on the scene first gets to pick up the coin - so not only do you have to kill the person you have to rush over and get their coin before anyone kills you. Gamers could choose to play in tournaments, death matches, or a 1 on 1 battle. There were various levels of membership, some which had a montly fee. Seems this didn't succeed in attracting investors from other companies and better games to add to this system, so it died.
Playable Game Client 67MB (by Scaryfun)
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