Varginha Incident, The / Alien Anarchy / Alien Shootout Perceptum / Midas Interactive, IncaGold 1998

A rare Brazilian developed game based on a famous UFO case. In January 20, 1996, an UFO incident ocurred in Varginha, Brazil, involving reports of UFOs and aliens, supposedly captured by Brazilian officials. Frustrating the military forces involved, some of these aliens escaped toward the city, where they were seen by some witnesses, including the player, who receives a special mission from them: to find and recover their captured space ship! This FPS mixes fact and fiction exploring the real happenings in Varginha. In the game, the player will discover that a whole undergroud city called Stonedrome was built in southeastern Brazil, where aliens and human secret agents work together. The game engine is 2.5D, mixing 3D models (for the background objects and vehicles) and sprites for the characters. The game explores real Brazilian locations, like the Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, the Sé metro station in São Paulo, besides the city of Varginha itself. At the very beggining of the game, the player receives a Bioproc: an alien device which works both as a map and a translator. He can use four kinds of weapons, including an alien one. He'll also need to find key items to unlock areas and proceed in game. It was distributed only in Europe, Asia and South America.
The Varginha Incident Demo 3MB ( @ DOS Games Archive) Alien Anarchy Demo 3MB ( @ Tiscali)
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Full Demo 6MB (upped by keropi)
Clone ISO Demo 261MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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