Vietcong Pteredon / Illusion Softworks 2003

Vietcong is a tactical shooter, developed by the Czech programming team of Pteredon. In 1967 one becomes sergeant Steve Hawkins who goes to Vietnam and finds himself in an exciting story together with his team members in the jungle. Graphics and sound seem very well designed. The developers flew specially to Vietnam to take thousands of photos and several hours of video. Vehicles such as jeeps and quick boats are used. The team members react rather wisely. As a team leader you have to issue them some assigned tasks, however, they also react independently to situations. The player chooses from more than 25 weapons, including M16's, grenade launchers and sniper rifles. Players can order air strikes or ambush enemy patrols, but success ultimately depends on their ability to keep a level head in the thick of intense action. It contains a variety of different gameplay modes that include Campaign Mode, Quick Fight, Single Mission and a Multiplayer mode that contains Death match, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Assault, Real War and Co-operative play. Fight for honour and freedom in over 20 dramatic missions. Infiltrate dangerous underground lairs containing miles of elaborate tunnels. Stay alert of your next step could trigger one of over a dozen terrifying traps.

See also: #Vietcong MP: Fist Alpha, #Vietcong MP: Red Dawn

SP Demo v1.0 ~100MB MP Demo v0.96 (Stream map) ~72MB MP Demo v0.98 Patch ~12MB ( @
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Total Conversion
Fan-Made Maps
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Vietcong Purple Haze 4CD ISO Demo ~2.6GB (uploaded by Shattered)NOTES: includes Vietcong and Vietcong: First Alpha.
To run on modern o/s - Patches 1.3, 1.41, 1.6 + NO-CD Patch + VCStarter v1.65.1 + 1.71 beta (uploaded by PC Gaming Wiki)
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