Vietcong 2 Pterodon / 2K Games 2005

Vietcong 2 is a FPS set against the background of the 1968 Tet Offensive, in and around the ancient city of Hue during the Vietnam War. Brought to life through a gritty story compiled from first hand accounts and memories of Special Forces and Infantry servicemen stationed in Hue during the assault. Battles based on real events taking place in the ancient city of Hue. There are drivable vehicles in multiplayer mode, and gritty, street-by-street, urban combat. Each mission flows seamlessly into the next, without passing through a menu system. There are also new and updated character classes for MP and a single player campaign for each side, US and Vietcong. You can have realistic team battles in the multiplayer mode with up to 64 players and co-op missions for up to 8 players against AI. There are more than 50 authentic weapons to be used.

See also: #Vietcong 2: Fist Bravo

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2-Map Multiplayer Demo ~445MB (@ CNET Download) Multiplayer Demo #2 ~478MB (@ GameShack)
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Fan-Made Maps/Mods
Fan-Made Map Pack
DVD ISO Demo 2.69GB (upped by Egon68)
Community Patch v1.2 (runs on modern o/s and removes DRM) 79.5MB (uploaded by

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