Vietnam 2: Special Assignment / Black Ops 2 Single Cell Software / ValuSoft 2001

This is a continuation to Vietnam - Black Ops, the very disappointing and short first trip (we should thank God maybe?) of Valusoft into Vietnam's jungle. This time the story reminds of the movie Apocalypse Now. The aim is to eliminate a crazy Black Op named Flak and his troops. Jungle fights take place through Vietnam and Cambodia areas. The graphics engine got much improved to Lithtech's Talon. There are 12 levels to explore. You'll visit giant stone forts, sewers, narrow valleys that represent outdoor areas, and lots and lots of tunnels in which the Vietcong have apparently hidden their nation's supply of crates. There are a few parts that take place in what might be the densest fog ever seen in a game. The horizon is literally about 4 feet in front of you, though that doesn't stop enemies 30 yards away from immediately pinpointing your position and firing at you.
ISO Demo 184MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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