Niflheim Souls Feast 1999
Powerful magic spells, mighty demonic characters and a new kind of deathmatch gameplay, all rounded up in Niflheim: Souls feast. This game is the sequel of the Niflheim 2D shooter developed by MISTIC Software (now known as DTI Software) in 2000. The story behind the original game put you in control of Hel, Mistress of the cold wastelands of Hell. This place was called the Niflheim, and Hel, tired of being a prisoner of her own realm, fought her way through all the layers of Hell in order to regain her freedom. They created something more sophisticated, to give justice to all the powerful characters and magical effects of the first version in a 3D world. It has both a single and multi player game. (Expert should be able to defeat the Super Lucifer of the single player). There is a souls capture game type, and 6 maps adapted for the Niflheim game play. It has music, and 8 demon classes with 10 different and original weapons to use. (Hey, that makes 80 weapons!) There is a new spawn option, allowing you to come back from the dead, and demon bots to fight with, including a nice combat AI.
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