Vivisector: Beast Within Action Forms / 1C / Pointsoft Interactive 2006

This game is loosely based on the classic story of The Island of Dr. Moreau. In 1878 Dr. Morhead, a masterful physiologist, is howled out of England for his ambitious and rather disgusting experiments on animals. On a small, uninhabited, volcanic island in the Pacific, his work in his "Temple of Rebirth" sought to alter animals to look, feel and behave more like humans, to create a new type of clean and perfect community. However, animals are born as the children of nature, so their suffering bodies retained wild souls. The creatures' true nature could not be concealed forever, and the day came when Dr. Morhead fell prey to his own creations and the temple burned into ruins. 100 years later, unexpected circumstances lead you to that isle. You have no other choice than to start exploring this lost world. As you proceed further you discover that this unknown land is not uninhabited. Indeed, for the last century it has served as a proving ground for the newest biological technologies. Further investigation reveals the island's horrifying secret.
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Alpha Level Demo ~177MB (@ CNET Download) 2-Level Official Demo ~189MB ( @ Game Pressure)
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Review by wkduffy
DVD ISO Demo 1.26GB (upped by Egon68)
Gore Mod 829KB (uploaded by GameCopyWorld)

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