Baldrhead: Busou Kinyuu Gaiden [J] Team Baldrhead / Giga 1999

In the future, technological excesses lead to never-ending conflicts between religious groups, newly-formed nobility and people of different social classes. Giant mechs called GIGAS (Ground Industrial Giant Attachment Servants) are used for military confrontations. Baldy Kirkland is the head of a mercenary organization that does armament banking jobs, resolving money issues in direct and often violent ways. Everything changes when he and his partner Nina meet May, a timid young girl searching for her missing father. Baldy becomes involved in a grand scheme that takes him beyond his mercenary duties. This is an overhead mecha shooter. Core gameplay involves exploring hostile top-down areas and fighting enemy mechas. The player-controlled GIGAS can use three types of weapons (short, medium, and long range), with separate buttons assigned to each. Every time a mecha fires any weapon it needs a certain amount of time for cooldown; during that time it is more vulnerable to enemy attacks and cannot attack itself. Mechas can also dash to avoid long-ranged enemy attacks (such as missiles). Money is awarded for actions performed in battles. The GIGAS can be customized on a separate screen by using this money. Customization includes swapping and changing weapons, as well as upgrading various parameters of the GIGAS as a whole and its individual weapons, e.g. damage, fire rate, time required for cooldown, etc. Missions are dictated by the storyline and progress linearly. Between the missions, the player has to advance the plot by visiting various locations in the city and meeting the game's predominantly female characters, in a visual novel-like fashion. Sometimes the plot may branch depending on the decisions made by the player. Still-screen anime images that advance the story often contain explicit nudity and sexual situations.
Japanese ISO Demo 324MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Japanese ISO Demo 316MB (uploaded by rockleevk)

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