War World: Tactical Combat Third Wave Games / Lighthouse Interactive 2005

Enter War World, the fast paced, 3rd person online shooter where players build and battle the ultimate mech warriors. Designed for multiplayer mayhem, War World lets players challenge other warriors online as they try to work their way up the War World rankings ladder. As players move up the ladder, they will be able to earn and purchase upgrades and enhancements for their mechs. War World will also offer several single player modes, 3D arcade style games, where players can upload their scores to the web site for bragging rights. Similar to Starsiege: Tribes focus on teamwork, players can guide and customize heavily armed mechs across 100 single-player levels in Story Mode, or set up quick offline death matches against bots. They can also take the fight online with a LAN multi-player combat and play classic Capture the Flag and Deathmatch modes along with an all new mode, Bomb Run. Further upgrades to the game offered a fully customizable skin editor for the mechs, new mechs, new arenas and new weaponry.
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Level Demo v1.09.02 149MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo 117MB Cracked Patch v1.09.02 ~2MB (upped by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 188MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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