Warmonger - Operation: Downtown Destruction NetDevil / Ageia 2007

Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction is an apocalyptic first-person shooter built around the AGEIA PhysX processor and the Unreal Engine 3.
Leveraging the experience gained through Auto Assault's physics implementation and based on the AGEIA PhysX technology, NetDevil engineers have taken a bold new step towards breaking one of the primary gameplay molds: game flow.
With a procedurally-generated rigid body destruction system, the environments in Warmonger can be devastated. If it looks like it should be vulnerable to the weapon you have, it finally is. You can say goodbye to the titanium fence forever! Imagine being able to create your own flow in a level, not limited by the flow that the level editor made for you. If your ally is covered by a second story sniper, now you can blow a hole in the wall and sneak into the building the sniper is hiding in, but you should know that he's probably blown the stairs behind him!
We're calling it "the conscious use of destructive power." But whatever we call it, you'll use it to create tactical advantages that were non-existent, as well as take your enemy's advantages away.
Free Game ~437MB ( @ Game Pressure) *requires Ageia PhysX cards. Free Game v2.5 - New Levels: Tombstone & Asylum ~519MB ( @ Nvidia)
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