Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Mad Doc Software, Splash Damage / Activision 2003

Enemy Territory was planned at first as a full retail multiplayer addon for Return To Castle Wolfenstein, but later that was scrapped. However, it was decided to release the work completely free of charge as a standalone game. Nevertheless, the originally planned solo missions, in which one plays as B. J. Blazkowicz are absent again. Remaining is a high-class multiplayer game, with different character classes and experience points similar to a roleplay game. One can fight on 6 maps on the side of the Allies or Axis (by an editor enlarged). As character classes there are: 1) soldier (can use heavy weapons like a bazooka or mortar). 2) Medic (can distribute Medipacks and cure injured companions with a syringe which receives later a green color, so that a wounded companion immediately again receives full life energy and not only possibly half). 3) Engineer (can repair vehicles, lay or defuse mines and explosives, make mg nests and mg towers, as well as provide Command Posts which restores the energy bar for special functions (such as repairing airplane attacks or artillery attacks, and mine layings) and therefore is a big tactical advantage towards the opponents. 4) the Field Op (distributes ammunition to his companions, but also with binoculars can order artillery attacks). 5) The Covert Op spy, has the possibility with his explosives (by activating a button) to destroy different equipment within a few seconds, In addition, he can put on the clothes of fallen enemies and creep thus into the midst of their troops and the open doors of enemy places for his companions. In addition, he is to be put out in a position with the binoculars to spy on enemies and to inform his companions where they lie. The experience points (for short, XP) result for killed enemies and explained special abilities. Raised XP permits more ablities such as to take more ammunition, run quicker, more health and more efficient use of the special abilities (therefore a player with a lot of XP should remain with his class, because he must learn the special abilities of other classes from zero). The six maps are diverse and need some days till one has them completely learned, the same also goes for the play system. Novices are sometimes overwhelmed too much by the tactical possibilities and experienced players are lightly irritated if Newbies simply do not follow what they say to be done.

The battles in Enemy Territory are rather small, they barely offer any or restrict usable vehicles. However, the possibility with the points of experience motivates enormously (especially with 6 or more map campaigns), rewards good players for good behavior like distributing ammunition or health to companions or repairing vehicles (more points of experience than just by fragging) and punishes the bad (bumping off your own people gives deductions). All together ET is nowadays my favorite online shooter. The possibility of playing with tactically good players makes for huge game fun.

Total Conversion & Source Port
Free Game v2.60b 271MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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included in Return To Castle Wolfenstein Extended Edition 2CD ISO Demo 1.13GB (uploaded by Shattered) (2001)
Fan-Made Maps

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