Worms 3D Team 17 / Sega Entertainment / Acclaim 2003

This is the first 3D Game in the popular Worms series of strategy games and continues the fun gameplay. It combines strategy and 3d shooter elements in that you control a small team of worms and use a wide range of weapons to dispose of an opposing team. During your turn, you control one of your worms. You can inch around the landscape, use jump and backflip moves to get past smaller obstacles, or use special gear such as the ninja rope or the jetpack to access harder-to-reach spots, but there's also a timer in place so don't dawdle. Once you're where you want to be, you can choose a weapon with which to inflict damage on your opponent. The numerous weapons range from conventional : bazookas, grenades, shotguns, land mines, and Uzis to the weird stuff like the exploding sheep, the Street Fighter II-style dragon punch, and the agreeably chaotic banana bomb. You have to also take factors like the wind direction, fall damage, and the blast radius of different explosions coming into play. Judging the trajectory of your projectile weapons is also tougher in 3D but on the other hand knocking worms into the water to their deaths is an easier tactic as the 3d islands are surrounded by water on all sides. In single player, there's a campaign mode where you need to meet objectives inlcuding picking up items, a challenge mode where you must show your skill in using a jetpack or shooting, and a quick start mode also that just puts you in the middle of the action. In multiplayer, up to four teams of worms can play in a round-robin game, and the variables you can tweak are numerous which makes for good replay value. The levels you'll do battle on include a spooky graveyard, a re-creation of King Kong climbing the Empire State Building, and the moon. The graphics are pretty simple and nicely cartoony. There are 40 different voice themes that you can assign your worms too.
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Level Demo #2 (2 maps) 93MB (@ Game Pressure) Level Demo#3 (2 maps) 97MB (@File Planet)
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Full Demo ~82MB Music ~68MB Movies ~97MB Speech ~76MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Fan-Made Maps
2CD ISO Demo ~1.05GB (upped by Scaryfun)
UK AlcoholClone 2CD ISO Demo 1.14GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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