WWII: Normandy 3LV Games (Third Law) / ValuSoft 2001

WW2 Normandy was made on the Lithtech engine of Monolith. In the beginning of the game you jump out of a plane by parachute beyond enemy German lines. The mission is to prepare for D-Day. For this mission, heavy weapons have to be destroyed, tank troops need to be stopped, resistance troops have to be freed and much more. So far so good, but Normandy has some drawbacks. The levels are tiny and can played in 10 minutes. The missions haven't been made with much care. Sometimes only entering a room with some weapons is enough to complete it. This then counts as being destroyed although it's still intact. Levels are bordered with jerky textures and also the animation of aggressors aren4t convincing because the graphics have clipping errors and the target zones are inaccurate. After an hour, all missions are successfully played. A closer look at the installation shows much about the quality of the game. The main installation is around 300mb. The biggest part is used by music (200mb) with 80mb for the missions. I guess this explains lots, no?
Full Demo ~57MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo ~225MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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