Yakuza Revenge Oxide / Akella 2006

This is a cyperunk third-person shooter that began development in 2004 as Cyb-01: Cyberpunk Aventure. The death of the leader of the powerful Yakuza was kept secret, in order to avoid an internal struggle for power. The members of the powerful syndicate decide to make a clone of their dead boss - but the only sample of his DNA is however stolen. Four foreigners: a policeman, a journalist, a young Yakuza-boss and a rebel, appear suddenly in the midst of this plot. Sieges, vehicle collisions, the death of loved friends, fraud and rapid shootings - all are a part of the world of "Yakuza Revenge". Do you have the courage to take on an international criminal syndicate? The four main characters involve themselves more and more, the further the play progresses. Your opponents benefit from a progressive AI and use the environment as cover. There's exciting shootouts and rapid pursuits - original and open ended.
German DVD ISO Demo 1.07GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English DVD ISO Demo, Russian 2CD ISO Demo + Scans 1.0GB + 1.84GB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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