Zeno Clash ACE Team / Valve / Tripwire Interactive / Noviy Disk 2009

Zeno Clash is an action/fighting game set in a punk fantasy world. The game blends the first person genre with the fighting game genre and the combat is generally up close and brutal. The original visuals, which make full use of the Source engine features, are a refreshing deviation from traditional fantasy games.
The combat in Zeno Clash is up, close & personal. The new melee combat system allows players to perform a variety of movements like deflect & elude combos, knockback finisher punches and punishing grab attacks. The depth of the combat system will put player's skills to the test. Learn new attacks as the game progresses and confronts you with more formidable foes.
Players will be immersed in a fantastic world, beautiful and disturbing at the same time. The unprecedented art style brings a fresh new approach to the first person genre. The surreal environments and characters will keep player's wanting to discover more.
Zeno Clash is a story driven game. Player's will play the role of Ghat; the son of a impressive hermaphrodite creature called Father-Mother, whose children form the most powerful clan in the city of Halstedom. Ghat must escape from his family and start an incredible journey with his female companion Deadra, who will aid him in the dangerous lands of Zenozoik. Two free DLCs were released: The Zeno Clash Model Pack for Garry's Mod included 70 models with the bizarre characters and creatures from the game, and The Pit consists of three new extensions to the challenge towers. The player must make his or her way down the pit fighting enemies and avoiding obstacles such as huge boulders that come out of the walls and destructible floors that break. Just like in the other tower levels players will compete for time and performance (health) in the leaderboards. Three new achievements have been added for completing the levels.
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Level Demo 1.6GB ( @ Steam)
DVD ISO Demo (CPY release) 1.52GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Multi-10 DVD ISO Demo (Prophet release) 1.70GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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