Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Bungie Software 2019

This is another feature add-on to the FPP shooter with MMO elements, Destiny 2. The expansion adds a new feature thread, equipment and a number of different activities. Heroes controlled by players once again hit the moon on which Eris Morn has released a power he can't control. On Earth's satellite, Watchdogs will meet old friends and completely new enemies. Shadowkeep introduces a number of new locations, role-playing missions and an additional raid - the latter takes place in the Black Garden, which is already known to the players. There will also be a new dungeon in the game - a minishturm reminiscent of Shattered Throne, in which up to three people can take part. The role of the main antagonists is again played by Hive, but we are dealing with new variants of enemies. Interestingly, we also encounter powerful opponents known from previous installments of the series and accessories, such as Ghaul and Crotta - they come back to life thanks to the power of the mysterious Darkness, so we have to face them again. There is also, of course, no shortage of equipment to acquire. The list includes, among other things, three exotic subjects. These include a bow with explosive arrows, a revolver that lights up if you shoot it too fast, and a choice rifle that allows you to create a special zone on your opponent, where attacking will result in additional damage. The DLC also makes major changes to the armor system, allowing special abilities to be moved from one piece of hardware to another. We also receive a completely new category of objects - artifacts. Each of them adds a separate development tree, allowing for a much greater diversification of the available form variants. On the same day of release of this DLC, the main game will be converted to free-to-play.
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