Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Ubisoft Paris / Ubisoft 2019

This is a third-person shooter in the open world that takes place in the universe to which we were taken by the previous installment of the cycle - Wildlands. However, this is not a direct continuation, as the title tells a separate story. As we play, we find ourselves on the Pacific's fictional island of Aurora to investigate the mysterious issue of sudden loss of contact with it. Upon arriving at the scene, Nomad, the main character (or heroine, because the creators allow us to choose the sex of the controlled character), a member of the Ghost Unit, discovers that this fragment of land has been captured by an army of mercenaries composed of former commanders under the command of a certain Walker (in this role Jon Bernthal is known, among others, for his leading role in Netflix's Punisher series). This is a serious matter because it is home to Skell, a corporation that develops advanced technologies for the military. The task of the protagonist is to control the situation and find out why the mercenaries have taken over the island. The action is shown from behind the hero's back (TPP) and from the first-person perspective (FPP) when shooting with an aim. The authors provide us with an open world in which we can move around on foot or by using about thirty different vehicles. What distinguishes this title from the previous parts of the series is that if we decide to play alone, the main character is no longer accompanied by Artificial Intelligence-controlled commandoes. A number of missions await completion here to push the plot forward; however, in order to make progress, we must carefully look around Aurora and obtain intelligence (mainly through conversations with neutral characters, interrogating enemies and collecting intelligence materials). In addition, we can deal with various tasks and side activities. Although the fight against opponents plays an important role here (we even get new murder tools, headed by rocket launchers, and they are complemented by numerous gadgets, such as a burner allowing you to cut holes in fences), the authors decided to deepen the gameplay, implementing in their work new mechanics related to survival games. For example, a system of wounds and injuries has been applied, which affects the combat potential of our hero; when shot in the knee, he starts to limp, blinded - to suffer from sight disorders, while if his chest is damaged, he will cough with blood. All these inconveniences can be cured by various means. In addition, there is nothing to prevent the use of weapons taken from defeated adversaries or the hiding of their bodies. An important novelty is also the possibility of using natural camouflage; the protagonist may get muddy to blend in with the environment and prepare an ambush against enemies. In addition, during selected film interludes we can choose the issues spoken by our soldier. Breakpoint also offers the possibility to choose the specialization of the hero in the feature mode (we develop him as we progress). In addition to the single player campaign, it features two multiplayer gameplay variants, i.e. a collaborative feature campaign (where you can share your equipment with your companions in special camps and move wounded allies to a safe place) and a Ghost Wars module based on PvP rules. It is worth noting that character development is shared here in all game modes.
6-Hour Trial Demo (uploaded by Uplay)

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