Roswell UFO Invasion Blimb Entertainment, Adrenal Rush Games / New Media Generation, SelectSoft Publishing 2003

Were there really only weather balloons that were spotted in Roswell decades ago, or was there more to it? Roswell is known for the many rumors about aliens, there's even supposed to be a whole village of extraterrestrial origin there, when UFOs were spotted again a short time ago... this time over a military base. Rumors hardened that an organization should already be in the possession of extraterrestrial technology, but do not want to share its knowledge with the US government . Washington gave the green light to investigate what was happening, if necessary by military force. How Berkewitz has such technological advantage in hand could lead to the undermining of democracy. The player assumes the role of a pilot of the US Army, based in New Mexico. His job is to uncover the truth, discover the weak points of the Berkewitz organization, steal extraterrestrial technology (and find out how it is served), and wave after wave of counterattacking attacks. The missions have very different focuses, ranging from pure photo-reconnaissance flights to discovering hidden bases, abducting people and chasing through narrow tunnels, to attacking aliens over land, sea, clouds and even in space. The player uses an arsenal consisting of a machine gun, 3 different types of missiles, bombs and numerous extraterrestrial weapon systems. The game has a fuel management, so the plane has to be refueled from time to time. Features: Choice of 8 different fliers (including UFOs); 5 different mission scenarios: Overland, Over-the-Sea, Enemy, Deep Cave or Space; 24 single-player missions, missions unlocked one after another; attacks against aircraft, ships, armored personnel Vehicles, flaks, UFOs, giant motherships and more; Armament - in addition to machine guns, various missiles, bombs, camera and numerous powerful weapons of extraterrestrial origin; Various damage models of aircraft and UFOs; damage affect aircraft functionality; Exciting special effects like Smoke, Fire, Lense flare and many more; 4 different times of the day; 2 LAN Multiplayer modes for up to 8 players or Team; Many hidden details; Powerful 3D engine; Sophisticated physics engine for funky stunts and wild crashes; Spectacular maneuvers such as looping possible; Professional soundtrack and crisp sound effects; Large and detailed representation of the various landscape scenarios; Infinitely optimizable for normal and super-fast computers.
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Russwell: Vozdushnaya Ataka - Russian ISO Demo 180MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 139MB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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