ImageStriker Terarin Games 2019

This game is a 2D vertical scrolling shooter. You can operate the fighter "Image Striker" to fire shots and destroy enemies. The fighter supports forward shooting and two pods. These pods can be switched forward, sideways and backward. You can also use 6 different types of head parts. By using the appropriate head parts according to the situation, you can enjoy the strategy. Arcade mode: It consists of 6 stages. The game is cleared when you break through all the stages. You can choose from three difficulty levels. Caravan mode: 3 minute score attack. By changing the formation of the pod, you can attack forward, side or back. Let's use head parts with different characteristics for each scene. If you get crystals, it will be added to the score when you clear the stage. Destroying enemies continuously increases the acquisition score. You can change your own speed in 3 levels. Automatically registered in the local ranking and online ranking when the game is over.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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